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When the Mountains Called for Me

There are hills that we are going to confront in this life. Long winding monsters with knives out that we see waiting from a great distance, others that seem to step out of the treeline and blindside us from out of nowhere, causing us to fight for each foot forward in slow motion. When I…

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It’s a ride, not a race!

“It’s a ride, not a race”.  We took that approach this year and had a great day along with the rest of the Silver Wheels team, including many who took part in a pre-race photo-op: and warm-up ride on Friday: On ride day, though, the adrenalin was in evidence and everyone was pretty keen as…

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Travis Paterson gets serious with the Harbour Air 140km

If you visit my street on a Saturday morning in May, you’re likely to find a four-year-old boy chasing a seven-year-old boy on their bikes screaming obscure references only a cycling fan would know. “It’s a breakaway, Nibali wins!,” “No I’m Nibali, your Froome.” “No, I don’t want to be Froome.” “Fine, you can be…

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