It’s a ride, not a race!

“It’s a ride, not a race”.  We took that approach this year and had a great day along with the rest of the Silver Wheels team, including many who took part in a pre-race photo-op:

Pre-race Silver Wheels team photo

Pre-race Silver Wheels team photo

and warm-up ride on Friday:

Di and Ed, Kim and Sandy

Di and Ed, Kim and Sandy

On ride day, though, the adrenalin was in evidence and everyone was pretty keen as we lined up for the start of the 100 and 60 km event.

The Start

The ride was wonderful.  We had a visitor from Scotland riding with us and she was overjoyed with the scenery and community spirit evident throughout the day.  We had several riders who had never participated in a large group event before and they were all impressed with the organization and atmosphere on the day.

Thankfully, the weather cooperated with the calmest conditions we can recall from the TdV events we have ridden, perfect temperature and, with nearly 100 riders from Silver Wheels and TaG, seeing riders we recognized everywhere during the day.

Kim, Di and John at the Start 1

Kim, Di and John at the Start 1

Kim and I rode the entire route with Di and Ed Bryant – Di and Ed were our friends with whom we toured England in May.

The Munn Road climb was a challenge as we expected, unfortunately we came upon the vehicle-cyclist crash just after it happened.  Getting passed by the 160 km peleton “freight train” was eventful – between the very fast, double line group and our riders we took up the entire road.  Thankfully no cars in evidence at that point.

Up and down, up and down, eventually on the final stretch and headed home:

Silver Wheels and TaG riders did very well in the ride results – a number of them finishing in the top 3 in their age/gender.  Especially good to see Mark finish well and he was very pleased to participate in the event – I hope I can do as well in the 80-99 age category when I qualify for that group!

Mark at the Finish - 80 and going strong 1

Mark at the Finish – 80 and going strong 1

As a bonus, on Sunday morning we left our Silver Wheels kit in the laundry and put on our TaG kit for a team social ride with Ryder, Seamus and Hugo.  It was a rather quick out and back on the 30 km route with a very nice coffee stop afterwards.

A great way to finish off a most enjoyable weekend of cycling.

TaG Cycling with Ryder Hesjedal, Seamus McGrath and Hugo Donais

TaG Cycling with Ryder Hesjedal, Seamus McGrath and Hugo Donais

So, see your next year!

Kim and Sandy

Sandy and Kim Fleming will be blogging for the Tour de Victoria as they train for this August. Amazing advocates for the Tour de Victoria, they always bring a large group with them!

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