Choose the distance that will challenge you

Saturday, August 17th, 2024




(Actual distance 157 km)

Start Time: 7:00 am

4.5 - 6.5 hours

~2,200m elevation gain

7:00 am start - 6 aid stations

Advanced riders - Must hold an avg. speed of 24 km/hr for the first 82 km

140km outway



(Actual distance 137 km)

Start Time: 7:00 am

4 - 8 hours

~1,800m elevation gain

7:00 am start

6 aid stations




(Actual distance 97 km)

Start Time: 8:00 am

3 - 7 hours

~1,400m elevation gain

8:00 am start

5 aid stations

60km Nordic fencing (1)



(Actual distance 59 km)

Start Time: 9:00 am

2 - 5 hours

~700m elevation gain

9:00 am start

3 aid stations

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 11.15.49



(Actual distance 44 km)

Start Time: 11:30 am

1.5 - 3.5 hours

~450m elevation gain

1 aid stations

30km Spinnakers purple



Start Time: 11:30 am

1 - 2.5 hours

~250m elevation gain

1 aid stations

WBR 15km white-01



(Actual distance 14 km)

Start Time: 11:30 am

30 min - 2 hours

~100m elevation gain

Looking for a shorter distance? Turn around at any point.

Kids Ride-01


Kids Ride

Start Time: 1:00 pm

Fun ride for kids between 2 and 10

Tricycles & run-bikes encouraged! Ride a special Kids course. Parents are welcome to run alongside their kids.

Youth Ride for $25

In support of youth cycling development, we are pleased to offer subsidized registration for all riders age 18 & under for all distances. Pricing will be adjusted during registration and you'll be required to answer additional questions during registration.

For more information about the RCSC Youth Subsidy, please click here.

Ride features

World class route on traffic controlled roads with stunning scenery

Group discounts - 10% & 20%. Depending on group size. Ask us how

Traffic controlled course - using police, certified traffic control personnel and volunteer ride marshals

Aid Stations: Covid friendly, oneway, staffed with medical and mechanical support, and stocked with fruit and snacks.

Timed course and timed sections

Mechanical support throughout the ride provided by Trek Bike Store Victoria 

Gifts & special offers from our sponsors

*Please note that the meal, drink, event swag, timing and aid stations are not included in the Kids Ride registration. Kids Ride participants will receive fruit and cookies at the finish line.