Why the Tour de Victoria really is a ride for everyone!

Lets just say procrastination might be human nature, but it is definitely my nature.  The intention to train a little or even to ride a little before the Tour de Victoria went out the window when lake season arrived.

I pulled my bike out of the garage at 9:00 am on August 18. Two very flat tires and no convenient pump to sort that out. My car was loaded with friends and gear to head up to Tofino for a week (without me) and it was just about to pull out of the driveway when I threw my bike on the roof and had them drop me off at Oak Bay Bikes where the staff kindly pumped up the tires and had a quick look at the brakes, gears and chain and sent me on my way.  I rode my bike home. That was my road training.

I got home, answered a few work emails to take my mind off the inevitable ride ahead and then put on my riding kit and rode to the starting line: my warm up.

At the start of the 30km ride.

At the start of the 30km ride.

Aware that I had done no road training at all, I only signed up for the 30 km bike ride. And I was still painfully nervous about it all. Thank you to Tami Tate who reminded me at the start line that this is a ride and not a race. And 30 seconds into the ride, I couldn’t have been more glad that I signed up for the ride.

The weather was perfect. The riders were so kind and friendly. The roads were safe and the route was beautiful. I chatted with parents of children who were riding and was amazed at the effort and ability of the young riders. I rode alongside riders of all ages who were completing all different lengths of the Tour de Victoria in various states of exhaustion and euphoria.

The start

The start! photo credit: Brynn Feather Visuals

I loved every minute of it!

The tour was organized so well. There were so many volunteers helping and traffic control creating the most amazing riding experience. The 30 km route was beautiful, but not a riding challenge. I enjoyed the ride and to my husband’s chagrin, didn’t make it a race. My enthusiasm for the ride has spread and I have been collecting new riders at each and every bbq, gathering and relaxing afternoon on the dock at the lake. Next year it will be the 60 km ride or maybe even the 100km.

Sandi Piercy at finish line

The finish line. I’ll be back!


-Sandi Piercy is a Real Estate Advisor with Engel & Volkers Vancouver Island.  She is a member of SPINCO Victoria and is looking forward to seeing if her hours on the spin bike translate well to the road bike in August.



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