Colliers Victoria Is Shifting Gears In The Art Of Negotiation With The Help Of Tour de Victoria

In the world of Commercial Real Estate the golf course has long been the preferred venue when trying to get your clients out of the boardroom and network on a more casual note.

But in recent years and especially within our Victoria office, we’ve seen a shift to two wheels. A number of our brokers are avid cyclists, and last year we ordered our first corporate kits to fly the company colours when out on a weekend adventure. From Victoria to Hawaii or wherever we’re riding it’s a great conversation starter. During my 100km Tour de Victoria ride I received a number of compliments on my kit, and the brand recognition was very positive. As I looked around at other riders there were lots of custom kits from hotels to beer companies, accountants to dentists, and it became evident how this culture of biking and work have become  so intertwined.

This year, we wanted to step it up a notch and include some of our valued clients in a special event. We decided that the Tour de Victoria was the perfect ride to bring everyone together and not only build our team, but our relationships with them. The response was not surprising in that every client we asked who we knew rode said yes!

While most of us in the office ride on a weekly basis we decided a pre-ride get together in July would be a great way to kick things off and get people motivated for August 17th. As a thank you for joining us each client received a Colliers jersey and socks, along with their entry and a welcome dinner at local restaurant Zambri’s the night before the ride. This is the other great aspect of the Tour de Victoria, it brings business to our beautiful city in a number of different ways, and helps support our economy.

In the months ahead we all now have a common fitness goal, and look forward to pedaling our hearts out together as a team on August 17th. The negotiations and talk of deadlines aside, we’re working in a different way and the spin that brings it all together is our bikes and the Tour de Victoria.

Erin Glazier works for Colliers International and will be riding in the Tour de Victoria again this summer.

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