Colliers Keeps Its Tour De Victoria Group On Track With A Heads Up Training Ride

Grant Evans (Colliers) and Dave Jawl (Jawl Residential) with Ryder Hesjedal
Grant Evans (Colliers) and Dave Jawl (Jawl Residential) with Ryder Hesjedal

Summer is a busy time for everyone and sometimes vacations, family and enticing warm weather take precedent over training! But as we try and keep our Colliers crew and clients on track to have a great ride on August 17th, providing a little training riding incentive has been key.

In early July we got out with our group for an ease-in 50 km pedal from Victoria to MyChosin Café, and were lucky enough to have Ryder Hesjedal join us and lead the way. On a glistening sunny day we cruised along the Galloping Goose for those riding the 160km to gain some familiarity with the gravel terrain, and took in the back roads of Metchosin for others to get their legs used to the many little sharp hills, twists and turns.

Along the way the chatter ebbed and flowed between riders from business to family, kids and extracurricular happenings and once again showed us why biking is a great way to bring people together while getting a little sweat on.

One of our riders and clients was Dave Jawl of Jawl Residential, who these days is busy with a growing company and a young family, “It’s not always easy to make time to get out on the bike with work and family, but when you do on a day like this its just a great time. I think it’s a fresh approach that Colliers is providing this type of event for clients and the Tour De Victoria is something I’m really looking forward to participating in.”

For some of our more avid rider’s in the office like Senior Vice President Grant Evans, training for the Tour De Victoria has been a constant throughout his summer activities, “I’ve got a new bike I’m really looking forward to testing its limits on the course, but more than that the collective group engagement has been fantastic. We’re proud to support the Tour De Victoria this year in a corporate capacity and being able to develop and deepen our relationships with our clients through something we all love has been just as rewarding. We really can’t wait to ride in a few weeks and hopefully this will be an annual tradition for Colliers.”

From the boardroom to the bike, the Tour De Victoria has been a great vehicle for us to engage both our employees and clients, and we look forward to joining everyone for a fantastic day on August 17th!

Erin Glazier works for Colliers International and will be riding in the Tour de Victoria again this summer.

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